A fusion of good reasons to choose ArcGen welders

A fusion of good reasons to choose ArcGen welders

ArcGen welder generators have been the welder’s choice since 1973 and their appeal continues to burn brightly across the industry.

Robust and reliable, this trusted brand offers flexible and precise welding capabilities for all types of metal arc welding. Whether on a construction site, an off-shore installation or at a petrochemical plant, they are built to perform.

Our range of quality welder generators from 165 amp to 500 amp, in either petrol or diesel, are the first choice for hirers and end users in a range of sectors including construction, rail and quarry and mining. The complete ArcGen Weldmaker range features auxiliary power outputs, auto engine shutdown and super silent operation, making them the safest, environmentally friendly and truly versatile welder generators available on the market. Specialised off-shore and petrochemical specifications are also available on request.

Two of the best-selling models in our range are the ArcGen Weldmaker 165SP3 and the ArcGen Weldmaker 500CC/CV.

Linkable to double output and with variable amperage control for precision settings, the compact 165SP3 is trusted to get the job done and enables all types of manual metal arc welding including cellulosic types.

The 500CC/CV is the most powerful weldmaker in the ArcGen range with up to 12 hours of continuous operation welding up to 10mm electrodes. Both DC welding and AC auxiliary power can be used simultaneously, providing users with a flexible solution.

The ArcGen Cobra 500i multi-process inverter welder is a lightweight but powerful welding power source. Powered processes include MMA, TIG, arc gouging and MIG with the addition of compatible add-on units.

Robust and portable, it is ideal for heavy fabrication, shipyard, oil and gas, quarry and manufacturing sectors.

We can also call on in-house expertise and provide specialist training as our Sales director, Richard Denholm, is an acknowledged expert on welding and has held executive positions in the industry during his 35-year long career. Richard has worked with major welding suppliers and hirers such as ITW (Miller), Oerlikon, HSS and Speedy. He has spent many years understanding customers’ requirements and developing machines to suit the demanding UK and Europe welding market.

Richard said: “Welding is an art that I am passionate about. ArcGen welder generators are well-made, built to last and proven in the market place. They are an ideal choice for hirers and end users. “I am always happy to offer advice and support our customers to generate better sales and margin from ArcGen welding equipment.”