Show your generator some love this Valentine’s Day

Show your generator some love this Valentine’s Day

With pink being the colour people most associate with Valentine’s Day, we thought we would show our Denyo generators some love and pay homage to their famous pink exterior. Here’s some top tips for looking after your generator…

1. Check your anti-freeze and make sure the levels are correct at least once per year and each time your generator is serviced. Our generators are built to withstand testing conditions in the winter but it’s always worth checking one more time.

2. Regularly monitor your oil level and condition to maintain optimum performance. Keep your engine components clean and ensure pollution doesn’t get into the oil which can make your generator less effective. Full service contracts are available from all of our depots, contact your nearest for more information.

3. Your generator needs clean air to run effectively so you should regularly check your air filter to ensure it is clean and free from any dirt or debris. You should also replace your air filter at least once per year.

4. Similarly to checking your engine oil, your fuel levels must also be monitored and topped up regularly. Unlike a moving vehicle, generators are stationary pieces of equipment and this can sometimes cause the fuel to go stagnant so it’s vital that fuel is not left to get to this stage.

5. General maintenance of your machine should be carried out regularly, particularly if it has been out of use for a few days/weeks. Look out for signs of overheating, loose components, cracked solder joints and damage to wires or cables.

Carrying out these simple checks can improve the efficiency and longevity of your machine so it’s definitely worth giving your generators some love this Valentine’s Day.

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