Spotlight on SMC TL55 Solar lighting tower

Spotlight on SMC TL55 Solar lighting tower

With environmental concern creating an even larger shift towards sustainable development, we’re shining a light on solar and the SMC TL55 Solar lighting tower that is keeping sites operating across Australia.

In the beginning…

Back in 2013, our New Product Development team recognised the need for a mobile lighting tower with no noise, no emissions and zero running costs. With this in mind, we created the UK’s first solar powered lighting tower, the SP55, using photovoltaics (PV) to capture the sun’s energy. Our first solar model had 4 x 55W LED floodlights with an impressive 22,560 lumens output.

Further improvements were made and following vigorous testing, the Solar-2 was introduced to market in 2014. At this time, reaction was mixed with diesel models still favoured over solar for their larger light output but with more maintenance required and ongoing operational costs.

Changing mindset

With opinions still mixed and sustainability low on the agenda, we launched a solar campaign, demonstrating the unit directly with customers and at exhibitions. Gradually, interest began to increase with rental companies and direct users, an important achievement and motivation to continue evolving the solar product line.

Further developments

Over the next two years, further advancements were made including the introduction of PIR sensors (Passive Infrared Sensors) and Auto-Dim LED’s. These features enable longer runtimes of up to 500hrs from the batteries alone when LED’s dim down to 10% and up to full power when any of the 4 PIR sensors are activated   

The latest version of this lighting tower, SMC TL55 Solar now lights up a multitude of sties including construction events around the world with 32,000 lumens output and indefinite run time in the right conditions. Requirement for this model continues to grow as legislation on emissions in inner cities becomes a more pressing issue for local authorities.

Joining the SMC lighting tower line-up in 2018, the SMC TL60 Solar Trolley, now provides a more compact solution with 5,094 lumens providing a cost effective alternative solar solution with a smaller footprint.

The TL55 Solar today

Evolved from UK’s very first solar model, the TL55 Solar is designed for ease of transport and has wind down legs for increased ground stability. This tower light can be deployed by just one person, has 100% savings on fuel and is 100% recyclable. When noise can be an issue on site, this model is completely silent.

Our continuous improvement policy means we always look at changes to further improve performance and reliability of our lighting tower range with customers feedback contributing directly to how machinery works.

Customer feedback

As solar becomes a preferred option over their diesel counterparts, our customers have provided feedback showing the value of a completely sustainable solution to hirers.

Onsite Rental Group have been supplying business customers with Total Rental Management solutions to a range of industries across Australia for over 30 years.

Rhys Kinder at Onsite said: “We need equipment that can be relied on to do the job and SMC is a proven brand in the Australian market. The TL55 Solar’s appeal to customers requiring sustainable options and enable us to widen our offer.”